When I was little my mom sent me to a ceramics course. That clay memory always stayed in me, in my hands, so I took some classes in a pottery workshop a few years ago. Pote are the first series of pots I made.

I knew I wanted to do some small potes for my plants, I love animals, vintage style, pastel colors, so I mixed all that concepts and one by one they were slowly taking shape and finished decorating my house.

One day I was so sad, angry, in pain, I felt bad about me I was totally in crisis! Fortunately my moon is in Virgo and is very productively in these occasions! I took some nice papers as background, my canon and I created the set next to a window, above the coffee table in my apartment.

When I put the pots next to each other I realized they really were connected, the were united by color, of course, but I think they are connected beyond that … by their poetic.

As an art lover, aspiring illustrator and photographer I know that is the most difficult to achieve, to find your own poetry. And I had done it! It was my first time with ceramic and had my label, my style, I was super inspired! so I thought a name for the set of products, I always like short names, honestly I did´t have to think to much, that word was spinning trough my head.

Pote is a good name is short, memorable, friendly and perfectly describes the product.

Once I had the photos ready I showed them to my boyfriend and he suggested that we think a name for each of the pots, we just get carried away by memories or wordplay.

No software at all! A pottery wheel, clay, gentle hands, and a lot of patience! Ceramic is awesome but you need to be patience because the process could be longer than you think!

First you have to knead the clay.
Then you use the pottery wheel to create the base
The pote needs to dry for a few days.
Then you work on the design, the ears of the rabbit for example.
The pote goes to the owen
Then you can paint the piece.
Back to the owen
Then it is finish!

Some pieces could even explote in the owen if you didn’t knead correctly.

My POTE project had a lot of comments, views and likes in Behance and many people still ask me if I sell them. I don´t, I mean… I can´t! How could I? I love them so much!

I have received thousands of messages from all over the world always nice and positive words.

You know what? I have more pots and I will show them soon 🙂


I am a visual designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love everything that has to do with the visual arts & design.
Right Now I mostly work as and UX/UI designer although I love to work in artistic projects. Illustration, ceramics and photography.
I am passion are… travel, sports & photography!