Potion Shelves Illustration

This illustration is part of a personal project to create an illustration every day for 100 days. There are no specific rules about theme, size or type of illustration for this project so I create pieces reflecting my personal interests or feelings each day.

The idea for this illustration came from my love of all things magical, which stemmed from watching movies in the 90’s about witches and wizards. I chose potions as the theme for this illustration because I love the scene in one of the Harry Potter movies where they walk around one of the magical shops and the shelves are full of all sorts of glowing potions and magical plants. I wanted to create my own take on this scene and show what potions on a witches shelves might look like and what there names might be. I wanted this to be a really colourful and bright piece so I tried to use a different colour palette for each potion bottle.

I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create this piece. I started by drawing the initial illustration on Illustrator using a graphic tablet and then importing it in to Photoshop to add the glowing elements and highlights. I didn’t have a real plan or use any references for this project I imagined and designed each potion name and appearance as I went along.

This project has really helped me figure what my personal illustration style really is and the routine of creating a piece everyday helps with the upkeep of skills. Plus not having to comply to a specific theme helps fight off artists block and make each day interesting and different.

If you’d like to see other illustrations from this project you can see them on my Instagram and Behance:

Kirstie Shields

Hi, I’m a 21 year old Illustrator and Graphic Designer from the North East of England. I studied Graphic Design at York St York University and specialised in Illustration in my final year. I love all kinds of illustration and try to create something different each day.