Pozórale by Paulina Fierro

Paulina Fierro’s project “Pozórale” is a Mexican food brand based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Pozórale aims to bring the traditional mexican food to the famous food trucks. The graphic solution focuses on highlighting the most characteristic elements of a classic Mexican neighborhood and a food truck without losing the good taste and simplicity that characterizes the design trend.

The inspiration came from the idea of representing the rich culture of the Mexican neighborhoods, traditional street parties decorated with flags, the delight of snacks with fresh ingredients are the perfect blend with the Mexican pink, this ancestral cuisine tradition.

– Paulina Fierro

For the design of the brand I started with pen and paper (always back to the basics). I used illustrator, and for application in different visual proposals used photoshop. I was inspired by my culture, our food, colors, our people, our traditions.

– Paulina Fierro

My client was mesmerized and to me as Mexican it made me feel that it could reflect a little of my perspective on our traditional food. This particular project helped me to improve my style and to attract more potential clients.

– Paulina Fierro

About Paulina Fierro

Paulina Fierro is a graphic designer, lover of fonts and good use of kerning. She’s also a musician and music lover. Paulina love cloudy days accompanied by an American coffee. She is also into digital communication – social networks are probably her best tool.