Prashka Kitchen

This project was made for my friend, who bought a new apartment in Skopje, Macedonia on the street called “Prashka”. The apartment has beautiful natural light and a view to “Vodno“ mountain. The main purpose for the project was to see how will look the color of the cabinets and the pillar covered up with wooden planks. Also, I used couple of different bar stools and combination of colors to see how they will fit on the space.

The idea for the materials we got from the local store and I tried to do my best to match them in 3D. The colors are the result from many combination that I tried in 3D. We choose pillar covered up with wooden planks after I tried couple of concrete tiles ideas and realised that wood fit better.

I used 3ds Max to build the scene from existing autocad file. V-Ray render engine is used for texturing and lighting the scene. The scene is lightened with V-Ray dome light that has HDRI map. V-Ray plane lights with skylight portal option checked, are used on every window in the apartment. Also, Vray sun is used for better natural light and shadows. Finally, couple of tests are rendered to get the correct settings. Photoshop is used for retouching the image.

People, usually like the color of the horizontal cabinets and the bar chair. They also like the realism of the image ?. This projects was a good practise for my modeling and rendering skills. I hope that this project will give you idea for your kitchen.

Igor Stojanov
Professional 3D visualisation artist.

Igor Stojanov

Igor Stojanov
Professional 3D Visualization artist