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Flora Koel
June 4, 2018
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Use local resources, think an extremely short circuit, what kind of materials ... PRIMITIVE is a series of mirrors made from branches and brass, destined to be placed on a dresser, a small table, near your bed, next to where you put on make-up on, or just where you do your hair.

This project emerges from branches that broke during a storm in the North of Europe. A multitude of branches were torn off, congested the roads, intermingled on the low sides of the paths ...
I started to notice when I came back to the South of France that this project could emerge anywhere and everywhere. The strong wind, the Mistral, typical of the South of France also torned off tree branches, and I started to pick them up.
The color is a matter of distinction, using material from Nature, I need to mark a trace that a human thought the product. I am creating a contrast through the vivid red color, inducing my passage.

I used tree branches from plane trees, oak and cypress. With a table saw i made an incision that fits the mirror's size. After sanding them and painting them, I used brass rods to make the legs to old the branche on a surface, making the mirror float.

I learn from this project that material that you find can be an enormous ressource, you become completely independent and resourceful yourself because it's not the easier to work from raw material.
People respond positively, smiling when they recognize the branche and liking the bright colors that contrast with their interior.

Flora Koel

I am a Designer, Explorer and Researcher. I travel and move around to discover and work with natural resources as my main material, always in search of clever solutions to bring poetry into our interiors.

By reintroducing nature in Design, I rethink my way of conceiving objects. Having OpenSource projects, I try to show the process and all the aspects of the object itself.

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