Printgram is a publication that has turned Instagram an application that is completely digital into a piece of print. This was created to show how print and digital can complement each other, but also how print can do things that digital can not. Print is permanent and physical unlike digital, this publication expresses the quality of print by using various print techniques including digital print, screen print, letterpress and foiling. As Instagram is an interactive application, Printgram is too with pull out stickers, explore­ and discover pages.

The idea for Printgram came when writing my dissertation, while researching into the debate of: is print dead? I was curious to know more about peoples opinions of the future of print, whether there is any need for newspapers, the explosion of ebooks, and various marketing techniques that are using less print.

At the beginning of creating Printgram there was a lot of research carried out, and decision making in terms of how the publication should look. I decided to have the publication in a square shape as many Instagram photos are in square format, I then began to decide on what printmakers, illustrators and creatives that should be in the publication, there were many contenders with great online presents and Instagram’s. I then began to sort the layout of the publication on InDesign, I also wanted to keep the publication quite interactive just like Instagram, with pull out screen printed images and stickers. I decided to use various print forms to show how much history print has and also prints future as digital can not compete with various printing methods such as screen printing and letterpress.

There has been a good response to the project, I extended the project and exhibited it at Made Here: Leeds College of Art End of Year Show 2016 the publication was also chosen to be exhibited at Leeds Print Festival 2016.

Aimee Parker

Aimee Parker is a graphic designer currently based in Leeds, UK. As a designer she is focused on branding and publication design, using a mix of modern graphic design and traditional print making processes, to create bold and bespoke projects.