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Prisoner between my mind and my heart

Prisoner between my mind and my heart

Rania mahmoud
January 16, 2020
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This project is about how certain circumstances you’re going through the girl that imprison her thoughts, and make her unable to Choice , while facing these seemingly impossible obstacles she is living in struggling with her self and her family Who want to control her .
This project is Prisoner between my mind and my heart.

What inspired me to create this artwork is a My girlfriend's experience shs has been facing and wanted to reflect it on this artwork is Containing the girl inside a cage (a prisoner) between her mind who wants to choose a rich man to achieve her dreams and hopes, And between her heart that fell in love with a poor man living in a poor neighborhood, But this poor man is ready to sacrifice everything to be by her side.

She is confused between them and with great pressure from her family to choose who can make her happy, She looks like a prisoner who is a victim of her thoughts and feelings.

I used photo-manipulation techniques by using adobe photoshop cc and surfing the web for photos and materials that matches the concept and finally I manipulated all the elements together .

I started thinking about how to clarify the idea, I come to a poor neighborhood and a poor person with a wealthy man and his car and a luxury place to live in, And gather them in one place.
,and move to the main hero in the work of art that is the girl prisoner, showing bewilderment between the two men.

They liked the idea a lot because it really talks about the problems of most girls.

concept of the artwork clear , Every person deserves to the choice and to live life to the fullest without the need to Pressure and control from family.
The family must have a language of understanding and discussion, And training our children to bear their decisions so that they do not pay the price of our decisions when they fail.

I hope this project will be drawn to people, especially families, so that they can build a better future for their children.

rania mahmoud

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