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Private residence in Durango, Colorado

Private residence in Durango, Colorado

Dana Tudor
October 19, 2016

This was my first project in the US, for a young family living in Durango. They wished for a new, modern home, intimate but at the same time opened toward the outdoors, emphasizing the natural context. The house is envisioned as a versatile space for living and entertaining, dissolving the boundaries between the inside and outside while landscape elements help to weave together the architecture and site.

I always start a project by making it a quest for integrity. How do you reconcile the ideal of a family with the absolute independence of the individual? - in this case I got to know the owners better, I learned what they like and dislike, what are their passions and so on, so that this house can become a suitable place for all its members.
Natural materials were purposely left slightly raw so that they can react to the natural elements and weather over time to match the changing seasons and match the surroundings. This approach ensured an elegant space without becoming overly refined. The colors of both the exterior materials and interior are inspired by the landscape.

I always start by doing hand sketches, for me its an extremely important exercise , then I do the whole project and 3D modeling in Archicad and 3dsmax. For rendering I use 3dsmax and VRay and for post work I finish everything up with using Adobe Photoshop.

Being my first architecture commission outside of Romania and the first project done inside a newly formed practice, one can easily understand it wasn't exactly a walk in the park :) :) . First of all I was thrilled to see that my clients loved the project. After this I went on publishing it on Facebook and Behance and from there it went on becoming more and more popular. I could not believe the level of attention this project has generated and how many people liked it, it made me a very happy architect :). I learn something new with every project, and it's quite hard to name exactly what I learn every time because I tend to absorb everything fast and make it a part of myself, so the most important thing for me is the chance to polish up my skills and ideas. This project gave me the perfect context to expresses my desire to create architecture that arouses beauty and delight and that is embraced by their inhabitants.

Dana Tudor

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