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PRO | mouse

PRO | mouse

Antonio Lieto
September 7, 2019
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A mouse for professionals of the graphics, illustrators and engineers that need maximum precision from theirs mouse. There are any products on the market but each product is better for a user but not for other. With this mouse, instead, I have try to found a perfect shape for everyone: the circle. Using a small cylindrical shape (only 55mm diameter and 12mn tall) and using a top cylinder surface as multitouch trackpad, I believe to find the correct solution.

All professionals are perfectionists. The tools as mouse, keyboard, gaphics tablet etc... must be the the best. So during my career I have maturated the easiest shape with minimal functionality for a mouse. The circular shape is the best way to be compatible for left-handed and right-handed. On the top surface of track pad only an grooved notch for don't lose the correct orientation.
To reduce the costs it's made by plastic. The perimeter is made by a soft touch plastic while thee trackpad surface is made by a shiny and rigid surface.
Inside there are a lithium battery for a long life utilization and a USB-C port for a quick recharge.

The idea started when I bought a new personal computer and I needed a new mouse, tiny, precise and comfortable. I have not found it.
So I started to think at that's new simple product. I start to project using Rhinoceros, for the rendering Keyhot and Photoshop for post processing.

For now the feedback are positive and comes from Linkedin, so from professional people. The people are enthusiastic and really interest to this project.
They think that can be a good solution for the professional more exigent to satisfy the basic needs,

Antonio Lieto

Italian, or better, Neapolitan Industrial Designer.
Production engineering specialist;
3D printing (metal and plastic) expert.

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