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Product Design (UI/UX) by Serge Vasil

Product Design (UI/UX) by Serge Vasil

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November 22, 2015
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Multidisciplinary designer Serge Vasil really likes designing in his free time because he's in love with what he does. He had a free weekend a few weeks ago and decided to spend some time on crafting a clean and modern UI. All images are taken from his Instagram.

I wanted to create a collection of concepts with extensive UI elements of my own. I gathered inspiration on different websites and desktop applications. I really like the idea of Google's Material Design, which is why I've used certain principles of it. My design is aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing functionality.
-Serge Vasil

Serge Vasil

Every designer has his own style, I like to craft clean and sleek design that is really user-friendly. Practice, stay aware, set trends, expand borders, break limits, evolve, and stay hungry.
-Serge Vasil

About Serge Vasil

Serge Vasil is a Senior Visual and Product Designer with 12 years of extensive experience in design for Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX, Mobile, and Web. He likes crafting sophisticated and meaningful experiences as well as innovative digital projects. Serge is always looking for a new challenge. See more of his works on Behance or Instagram.

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