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Filipe Reis
September 26, 2017
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Project focused on low space environments. This project was a partnership with the renowned architecture office CasaTua Arquitetura.
I wanted to give a feeling of comfort and warmth to a very masculine project, I imagine an apartment for an executive or university

The choice of furnishings and colors were made by the architecture office, I carefully used some pieces in red to give a warm tone to the scene and contrast with the weather, I thought of some productions with darker and neutral tones.

I used 3ds Max 2017 to model the environment and furniture, and Corona Render for lighting and texturing, for post-production of Photoshop, I studied each material to achieve the maximum of realism, I used some architectural references to reach the desired climate.

Everyone liked the project, the architecture office, the people on the social networks, the audience that frequents my website and the users of Behance, it was great to be part of this project I really liked the takes and artistic angles that show details of the decoration, textures and lighting I hope you like it and others will come!

Filipe Reis

My name is Filipe Reis, I am Producer of Digital Media. My work and dedication is focused on the production of 3D images, with total professionalism. Our services are designed for studios, architects, advertisers, designers and real estate investors. I have more than 5 years experience in architectural visualizations on various projects, a complete understanding of the relationship and the needs between architecture, art, design and 3D production, in creating architectural visualizations.

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