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Proposed Sports Center Club House

Proposed Sports Center Club House

Kelvin Kiama
June 16, 2016
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The project was a conceptual design of a race track located in Mavoko county in Kenya, the design was to put into consideration a 1.5 km dirt race track, a clubhouse and 10 tented guesthouses. I came up with the sketches of the overall look of the project with guidance from by supervisor at Inrinsic Architecture.

The idea was to come up with a design that embraced the authenticity of the primitiveness of the prime land where the project was to be actualized. The main approach was to use the locally available construction materials found in the vicinity, so the design embraced the use of timber, stone as the main construction materials. The colors used were chosen to mimic the land,located in the outskirts of the city of Nairobi,with patches of green vegetation and rugged terrain.Canvas was used as the roofing material,mimicked the color of the terrain a dirty brown hue. The style of the facility was to try and copy what the local people in the area do their constructions in a rather vernacular kind of architecture.

I used Archicad for the 3D modelling of all the buildings on the site.Starting with the main attraction of the site which was the dirt race track,which took me 3 days. Then I modeled the clubhouse which was rather a back and forth kind of design, where I consulted my supervisor severally.I finished the modelling process with the tented guest house which took me a day or so.I rendered with Artlantis 5, all the buildings on separate artlantis files to ease my workflow. and later did the post production and compositing in Adobe Photoshop cc.

My supervisor was very excited by how the renders looked especially the clubhouse with the sunset background,and the tented cottages with the tent theme.The clients were also thrilled with the output i had given and this led to the clients pushing for the concept to be adopted and built.The project is still being built at the moment.

Kelvin Kiama

Nationality: Kenyan born: October 8th 1991,in a town in kenya called Makueni.
Marital status: Single
Education: Our Lady of visitation boarding primay school finished in 2005;
Kaheti high school finished in 2010;
Diploma in architecture at Nairobi Institute of technology (NIT),2014;
Currently pursuing B.A in architectural technology at Jomo kenyatta university of science and technology (JKUAT)
Career: Worked at Intrinsic Architecture between October 2014 and August 2015.
After that started freelance architectural visualization projects up to date.
Currently setting up an art studio called: K&A STUDIO, to deal with animations and visual effects,architectural visualization,architectural design,interior design,product design and automotive design.

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  1. Such a smart mind. I love the way you do it with all your heart and mind. The future looks unto you. !

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