Prostor Factory Archviz

Archviz Project. Prostor factory is a series of images for an architectural competition for renovation of famous candy manufacture in Moscow. Architectural project was made by consortium of two young, but well-known russian bureaus – Nowadays and Progress. I was commissioned to produce main graphics and some detail close-ups.

I decided to produce bright “commercial” pictures, as I think this style is the most suitable for big international competitions. Also, seasons was on of the main aspects of this project. It was critical for me to reproduce atmosphere and colors of Russian autumn and winter and some weathering issues.

To produce these images I used pretty standart workflow. 3ds Max for modeling, V-ray for shading, lighting and rendering and photoshop for compositing finals. There was a lot of post-production as you can see and it was the main part of work.

The competition shedule was tight and some architectural details changes several times during the production, but we did it all on time. Finally, architects won this competition, and I am happy, that my graphic was a part of their entry.

Nikita Kolbovskiy

I am an architect (M.Arch) and CG artist.

neverbuilt architecture; computer graphics; research; animation; product design; graphic design

Available worldwide for weird shit, good stuff, strong alcohol and dark future.