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Wiktoria Mazur
July 25, 2019
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The bottle is designed for storing natural juices with pulp, equipped with alternative way of opening it. Thanks to the cork shell, instead of gripping the cap with three fingers, you can open it using the entire surface of the hand. This solution was designed in consideration of people with weak wrists or those who have problems with loosening the cap. After the finished use of the bottle, the openwork cork cover can serve as a decorative tealight candle holder. The openwork pattern may vary depending on the type of juice, creating differentiated collections.

The idea arose from the need to give the bottle life after life. I wanted to create a small and handy bottle, just perfect to woman's bag. That is why my bottle has 250ml. The style is rather simple and sensitive. Cork material wasn't my idea. That was competition requirement.

When I had a sketched idea on paper, I started create a 3D model at Fusion 360 software. When my model was ready, I rendered it and apply corrections at Photoshop. Every part of this model is created in 3D program instead of text.

That was the fastest project in my life. I didn't expected it but people liked it, and appreciate. I learned then that sometimes fast ideas can really work! I realized the idea is the most important thing. Not only perfect ad hyperrealistic render.

Wiktoria Mazur

I am a student after the third year of the Faculty of Industrial Forms of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. I study product design during my studies, but I'm interested in 3D animation on a daily basis. I started learning the Cinema 4D program, and recently I've also been learning Blender software. I am looking for development opportunities in both design and animation.

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