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Punch Bug Technical Illustration

Punch Bug Technical Illustration

Ella Kikkert
May 3, 2017

For this technical illustration, the focus was to incorporate as much detail as possible into the object. I arrange it in such a way that would draw the viewer in. Furthermore, to demonstrate how a person would interact with the object in real life by portraying it from different perspectives.

For my Digital Illustration 2 class, I had to come up with three different technical illustrations. With this illustration, I decided to base my color palette off of the reference photos that I took of the object. In addition, the work itself was represented my own graphic/posterized style.

The main tool that I used when creating this illustration was the pen tool from Adobe Illustrator. First I choose the object that I wanted to portray and took multiple photos of it from different angles. Before working digitally, I made various concept sketches to see which position would represent the object the best. By taking the photographs I then placed them into Adobe illustrator and used the pen tool to outline the car. When each part was completed, all three positions were placed within a 24 in by 16 document which was arranged in a way that shows how the object works.

After releasing this piece out to the public, I noticed a lot of people really appreciated how much detail I put into each part of the car. In addition to how my graphic/posterized style I was using to portray the vehicle. Since completing this project, it has opened my eyes that whether an object is created by hand or digitally, a lot of time and dedication must go into it to receive a great result. One that even might surprise u in the end.

Ella Kikkert


As one of Marcus Whitman children of the corn, Ella’s interest in art started to peak during my senior. After graduating from High School, she first attended Finger Lakes Community College where she received her Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design. She then transferred to Oswego to complete the BFA program and took a minor in Art History. Her work has been shown at the 54th Annual Juried Student Exhibition and at FLCC Student Honors Art Exhibition back in the Spring of 2015.

Artist Statement:

Hi, I’m Ella Kikkert, and probably one of the only artists you'll come across who fell off from a corn cob to enlighten you about my pursuit in this field of art. Never in my wildest dreams did I find my work being created by the controls of a computer mouse. I've always had a traditional bone in my body until I was rattled up by the digital universe. By the beginning of 12th grade, I took my first step into the field of Graphic Design. After graduating from high school, I furthered my expertise by venturing to FLCC, I continued to preserve my fine artistic funny bone and apply it throughout my digital work.

Including the best of both worlds, I further developed an array of skills using different mediums in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Eventually, I was able to obtain a style I could call my own. This was done by taking my subjects and breaking them down into bold basic geometric shapes giving off a graphic posterized essence.

Interested in collaborating, or have a creativity project you need help with, you can get in touch by contacting me at [email protected]

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