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Qring, a Tooth Cleaner for Dogs by Yunfan Tan

Qring, a Tooth Cleaner for Dogs by Yunfan Tan

Honey Adraque
July 4, 2015

Our featured design for today is about a graduation project of Yunfan Tan, an industrial design graduate from Shanghai. You can see in this project that he loves dogs and how he cares for them. May this project inspire you in the long run. Enjoy!

Out of love for dogs (I have two lovely dogs), I started to design for pets.

- Yunfan Tan


1_1 Prototype

Dogs have dental problems as we do. Once, I found my dog smelt, as I was about to kiss him. Thus, I bought a toothbrush for him online, but it was very difficult to use. This experience led me to the idea of Qring.

- Yunfan Tan

how to use 2

how to use 1

How to revolutionize the traditional idea of “toothbrush” is the biggest challenge for me. Finally, I came to the idea of cleaning dogs’ teeth while playing with them. After drawing dozens of sketches and learning about dogs’ oral anatomy, I used plastocene and dog bone model to create the initial prototype. Then, I worked into details, did all calculations, created 3D representation in Rhino and used CNC to finalize the prototype.

- Yunfan Tan

render 1

render 3

Due to financial and time constrains, Qring is only a conceptual design with no actual product. It also involves research and knowledge of mechanics and material science to build the real product. However, more importantly, Qring proposes and explores the new concept of cleaning dogs’ teeth while playing with them.

- Yunfan Tan

Qring Cleaning while playing!

render 2

About Yunfan Tan

Yunfan Tan is a designer from Shanghai. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Industrial Design. He is currently working as grapic designer in advertising, specializing in the fields of social and digital media. He regards himself as an innovator who loves to explore and try new things. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.

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