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Qswarah Branding Identity

Qswarah Branding Identity

Samir siddig
August 20, 2021
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Water damage and fires are some of the most frequent and expensive home insurance claims. The Haven has everything you need to stop them, Qaswarah is a company that provide live professional alerts for the Home, business, factory

the idea was to mix between the lion head and the child , because the name of the company in Arabic means lion

adobe photoshop
adobe illustrator
adoube fresco

the client loved the idea and the concept and how his stationery design came out

samir siddig

Hi, I am Samir Brand developer and animater, based in UAE with 6+ years of experience in Brand development, motion graphics, video editing, your brand must be recognizable, logo, color, and movement my passion is to create a brand that's work and solve problems for my clients

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