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Alexey Savitskiy
May 21, 2017
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This service allows users to broadcast live gameplay to other users. Three pages present the presentation, and it is the statistics page directly from the video and the page with the dialogue. In the presentation, you will clearly see how visualized statistics. The primary criterion is a convenience and clear understanding of everything on the panel. Below is a video page which displays the processes broadcast with live chat. At the end of the presentation page with the dialogue that presents a private conversation with followers. Have a nice watching!

The idea was to create a minimalist but at the same time functional enough design
Gamers love that everything would look nice and stylish, I'm including

I spent a lot of time looking blogger streams
I watched what the audience likes to do

From this I created this project

In this work I used only Adobe Photoshop

The first step was a sketch
To catch the idea
Market research and users preferences followed by prototyping

It was the longest process
Multiple iterations of pages

But in the end it helped to get rid of unnecessary and create a minimalistic but at the same time functional user interface that helps to get a great experience

I immersed myself very much both in the blogging and gaming community
People really liked what I did - the project evaluations make it very clear

I still get good feedback about this project
People love it and praise it

Other customers want me to create something similar to them

Also Behance rewarded this work

Alexey Savitskiy

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