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Formascope design
October 26, 2021
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Founded in 2010, r insights research agency offers a full-cycle of market and social research services based on international quality standards. Building on traditional research methodologies, they simultaneously harness innovative approaches to provide solutions that meet their clients’ needs. They rely on quantitative methodology to assess incidence of patterns, and apply qualitative methods to deep dive into unique cases, human stories and lifeworlds.
That was the core idea during the branding process.

Inspired by the concept of research methodologies, formascope designed the brand’s identity.
Quantitative methodology is a data collection method that gathers and analyzes information from large numbers of respondents, while qualitative methodology study seeks to convey individuals' thoughts and feelings that might affect the way they behave. The logo consists of two lines and a circle, where two lines stand for quantity and circle stands for quality. Depending on the stationary, the logo can be divided into two parts. For example, on a business card, name is qualitative and the phone number is quantitative, or on a notepad, each paper is qualitative because each person writes his/her own ideas and thoughts, but together all pages become quantitative. Besides quantitative and qualitative methodologies, the logotype also symbolizes the first letters of the company - r insights - and creates ligature of “r” and “i”.

Illustrator and Photoshop were used during the design process.

The final feedback was positive from the client and we solved the challenge that we had. During the competitors research stage we understand that no one from the other research agencies solves the problem of showing the core mythologies that they use in their working process. So, we understand that by visual language, we could show what qualitative and quantitative means and on what methodologies research is based on. For many people it become easier to understand the difference between these two.
The most gratifying thing for us is seeing our work actually work. By that, we mean that our branding or packaging help a client with their goals or sales objectives.

formascope design

formascope is a branding studio based on a conceptual approach. We are constantly trying to find the multilayered combination of form and content. Each issue is analyzed from the perspective of the form, serving as a base to create the individual attitude and style of each project. We believe that good branding is based on a strong concept. Based on that we build brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and elevate their brands.

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