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Rail Desk

Rail Desk

April 4, 2018
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Recently, as the working lifestyle is changing, the smart working system has been introduced instead of the ordinary officework. To adjust to this new working environment, Rail desk can freely adjust working space by moving the partition of Rail Desk. These variation can be divided into opened type, stand-alone type, concentrating type, communicating type.

This project was inspired by the interior. I saw the interior that divides the space through the removable partition and grafted it to the desk. Partitions are made of handle and light fabric so that they can be carried around unlike any other.

I use Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Lightroom. I created a model to create a realistic system and found the easiest structure to move. I was able to make a perfect structure by precisely dimensioning by 3d program.

The people’s reaction to the design was very interesting. In fact, many people say that they want to buy this furniture. I would like to make a desk more beautiful if I actually make it. I learned that it is important to be simple and able to lead empathy with this project.

If you use this desk, help you to think creatively.


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