This project is devided into the development of a modern corporate design, packaging design and an online shop for the Austrian company “Räucherwerkstatt”. The company is specialized in the sale of smokewood variations, which are used to refine the grilled goods. The offered products are Wood Smoking Chips, Wood Smoking Chunks and Wood Dust while each one is available in 9 different flavoring directives.

Even though the project was a commissioned work, I was free in the way of how the final outcome will look like. The aim was to create a modern appearance in the sense of current design trends by focusing on the smoky character, as well as on the handwork behind each product. The challenge was to develop a flexible, cost-efficient packaging design that can be individually adapted to the wide range of wood flavors. So we ended up having one single packaging and additional stickersets.

Ilustrator: Logo Design and creating the color palette
InDesign: Packaging Design and sticker
Experience Design: Prototyping

I used a modular system for the final online shop called “Gambio Gx3”. That allowed me to focus on design and usability so I wouldn’t get stuck in any technical problems.

In a few months we will see how people respond on our project because it will take some time and a good marketing strategy so that people get familiar with räucherwerkstatt.at. Therefore the feedback we have received so far was positive and a huge motivation for me to keep going.

Check out www.räucherwerkstatt.at to get a special flavour kick for your upcoming BBQ session.

Milan Soremski

My name is Milan Soremski, 24 years old and I‘m currently based in Salzburg, Austria where I‘m majoring in Mediadesign at the Fachhochschule Salzburg. During my studies I work as well as a freelancer on serval design projects. In my work I combine Photography, Film, Graphicdesign and Interfacedesign to find the best fitting solution for each project.