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Rawganique by Peltan-Brosz Roland

Rawganique by Peltan-Brosz Roland

Marianne Piano
October 3, 2015
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Rawganique is a brand that was founded by Thammarath Jamikorn & Klaus Wallner in 1997. Its products are handcrafted, a product manufacturer that is based in Denman Island in Canada’s Strait of Georgia. They are chemical-free and sweatshop-free. Made in-house for end-to-end purity and founded by off-the-grid island homesteaders.

We were commissioned to create their new visual identity. We made a system that is strict with its logo and font. But like nature itself, from where the firm has its most inspiration, the identity had to be more opened and closer.

- Peltan-Brosz Roland



That is why in order that the identity is one in every way and reflects the new lifestyle that the firm proclaims, we thought of using something personal like handwriting.

- Peltan-Brosz Roland




In handwriting we saw the presence of the personal touch to each product, it gives the impression of a custom made material, it breaks away from commerce and conventional and it is modern.
- Peltan-Brosz Roland






So we devised a custom typeface for Rawganique, and due to modern printing technique we could create more versions of written words on labels. In this way almost all labels differ from one another, because every label set on the offset printing sheet is different from one another in terms of typeface and pattern crop.

- Peltan-Brosz Roland






Peltan-Brosz Roland is a Graphic Designer from Budapest, Hungary.  He is taking his Masters Degree in Graphic Design at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He is the man behind PELTAN-BROSZ; by gaining maximum insight into every assignment, his team are able to devise the best solutions for implementation and for final production.

See more of his artworks in Behance and on his website.

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