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RawV Branding Visual identity and Landing page UI

RawV Branding Visual identity and Landing page UI

Rania Saeed
September 11, 2022
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Healthy microgreen Food Store.

RawV is an Egypt-based, Microgreen plant brand,
all vegetarian products that provide various adds and tastes for all kinds of
microgreens and Tofu.
My mission was to deliver the best, raw, and core concept to the client.

The idea came when the client describes the core purpose of the brand and how healthy food is always connected to raw and land, so I've decided to go with the colours of the same microgreens plants and use the concept of W and V connected together.

First, i go with my sketchbook for logo construction and then to Illustrator to vectorise it, photoshop to mockup and voila !

I've learnt a lot about microgreens and how healthier, and more delightedly to eat.

Keep it green !
You can see my work on Behance :

Rania Saeed

Illustrator - Digital creative chief

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