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Anton Shineft
July 10, 2016
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Basic goal of that project was updating current and creating a friendly brand of a modern, simple, and convenient platform for the implementation of transfers using a variety of popular methods, including bank cards, VISA and Mastercard, mobile, and online payment. Overall project also include promo website and support campaign for that.

Colors based on green palette, which was choosen from colors of owner company. For the reason not to stay in the same color a step-gradient five shades of green was choosen, starting from darky one to bright tone. It gonna use in different cases: titles, wallet plans, patterns. Sliders-oriented layout fully provides and tell a story for the customers, which looks like good presentation.

It started from idea to create a contrast and accurate and simple, but not primitive graphics. With a decision to use overlapped circles among the icons it may sense on overall visual perception Technically there a lot animated details, in use java scripts and it based on 12 column grid system.

That's a fresh-made and good looking brand and website meets the requirements of nowadays, but stay in old way brand easily to read and mark it. Company also notice, that simplicity is good and correct way for information presentation, instead an images with a large number of objects

Anton Shineft

Anton is a graphic and web designer, who currently based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He always try to look into the essence of things and create special and emotional-based design.

«From the era of purposeful absence of an ultimate goal, we try to figure out which point of view make sense and which not. Design always make it, cause it have meanings»

Always looking for the interesting projects.

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