Re-Branding Wedding Planners & Event Designers

Elite Party – Luxury Wedding Planners & Event Designers situated in the romantic seaside of Klaipėda, Lithuania. Working withing the wedding industry for over 10 years. They approached me with a post-soviet look asking for help ‘renewing’ their brand. We had one of those typical #tobeadesigner situations: ” We want change but we don’t want to change anything…”. So I changed – EVERYTHING.

We started with the smallest aspect of design – the logo. Obviously to change the logo from their old post-soviet no meaning pompastic style logo (which by the way are still very popular here in Lithuania) I had to come up with a new concept. I needed something catchy and classy. After quite few failures. A mini creative-block and some phoning back and forth… I had the ‘eureka moment’ ( I think most of my work is based on that moment). It was so obvious and clever at the same time. I like it when it’s just in that ‘middle’ where it’s either gonna work or relay suck. Once I had that leverage. Once we had the gloved hand working as a letter ‘a’ – the rest was play.

The style was clear: the opposite of what they had before. Clean. Clear. Playful with a spice of pompastic.

So we went from concept to range and distribution but first we had to make sure we know how we want the logo to work with the brand and the image. The logo was created using adobe Illustrator. I guess the other most important part of the whole identity was photography. As we used the hand as a symbol for the letter ‘a’ representing part of ‘Elite Party’. For the photo shoot I teamed up with a photographer Jūratė Čia. and post-production artist Eglė Va. Together we worked producing the imagery.

I never really know how to ‘judge’ if the project was successful or not. It brought value to the client. I’m very happy the way it turned out. I had loads of fun creating it. To be fair I never really asked anyone do they like it or not. So I’m not too sure if people do like it. I know that the revenue for the client went up. They are getting noticed and we are entering a wedding exhibition with the new brand and everyone is truly excited.

I think the most important think I learned: ASK FOR MORE TIME. At some point of the project I was really struggling to come up with a concept that I would be excited about. So I called up the client before we had to do a presentation and asked him if I could maybe have a week more to think of something better. He agreed. Imagine his reaction when I said the same thing the next week. In the world where time goes fast. I though he’s gonna fire me but he didn’t and he was ok with it…. The third week I had the idea that we later on excited. So yeah. Sometimes it’s ok to ask for more…

Greta Madline