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REBECCA for Porada contest

REBECCA for Porada contest

Simona Bevere
January 4, 2019
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Rebecca looks like a practical and refined writing desk and an elegant dressing table.
The concept provides a free workspace and the ability to have near and in order most used accessories.
The drawer and the open compartments visually empty the block's wood central, lightening the solid as a whole, which thanks to threadlike supports, it seems to be almost suspended.

The name Rebecca has Jewish origins and derives from the term Rivqah. Literally it means "strong bond" and, figuratively, who wins with her graces and as "who creates a bond".
In fact the user is deeply linked to the desk and coiffeuse Rebecca, since it can be used during all the phases of the day.
In the morning Rebecca is the coiffeuse thanks to which everyone can dedicate to the care of the body.
In the afternoon and in the evening Rebecca turns into a practical desk on which to rest or to work on projects or to immerse yourself in a relaxing reading, with a cup of tea.
For the work base and the mirror frame, the chosen material is walnut channel; while the profiles that make up the legs of the desk are in metal bronzor with brushed brass tips. Rebecca wears a modern and timeless design and communicates discipline and passion thanks to its strong lines and its warm colors, from brown to gold.

I created my artwork by studying the most appreciated features in furniture trends, then I chose the female and stylish personality for my projects and I did different versions of the same coiffeuse, by changing the mirror shape, the table geometrical structure, through the Rhinoceros 5 software.
In the end, I did color tests in the Keyshot rendering software.

This project was born for the Porada contest 2018.
I learned a lot about how important is to answer carefully to client needs and assignment; but especially I realized how the aesthetic factor sometimes is the start point. Every designer should have a clear vision about the message he wants to communicate through a project, then should find the right visual features which best tell the designer story.

Simona Bevere

Apulian by birth, I'm in love with the art, colors, sun and italian coffee. I practice yoga and sketch almost everyday!
I like designing since I was 12, when I rethought to a new comfortable version of my school desk... 10 years later I took my Industrial Design Degree at Milan Politecnico and then the Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation.

I reinforced my design experience by the University of Applied Art Die Angewandte in Vienna and now my skills include product, graphic, service design.
I aim to a responsible and creative design as the main driver of innovation for people and business.

My motto is "Good things take time".

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