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Red Bandanna Game vs. Florida State - Boston College Football

Red Bandanna Game vs. Florida State - Boston College Football

Mark Majewski
November 2, 2017
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Digital collateral put together for Boston College's annual 'Red Bandanna Game', honoring former BC student-athlete Welles Crowther. Crowther was a hero in the 9/11 attacks and always had a red bandanna with him.

This collateral was pieced together for social and digital purposes to be used throughout the game.

Thanks for checking it out.

The entire night centers around the "red bandanna" so I felt that utilizing the unique patterns and color schemes would stand out from the noise and stick to the brand of that event. It was difficult to make it not too busy but also driving home the point of the bandanna pattern was something I wanted to accomplish.

Mainly Photoshop with a little Illustrator and Lightroom. I picked out select photos and turned all of the other layers on the canvas into smart objects for others to update, including our communications and marketing teams. The color scheme was put together utilizing a lot of gradient maps and clipping masks.

Our athletics director and those looking from afar thought it showcased both the event and our program well. I learned that you don't have to overthink certain things. Just make sure your collateral is consistent with the message and brand you're promotion.

Mark Majewski

PR pro at Boston College with some design background

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