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Jasmyne White
September 10, 2019
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This piece shows a semi-nude woman, petal filled flowers draped over her breasts and vaginal area. The hanging flowers coming from vines and fallen leaves is to pull the composition together. The woman is based off a plus sized model P.S. Kakuga.

Being plus sized myself, I feel that a lot of artists of all mediums are somewhat intimidated from drawing larger women (or even men for that matter!). And many factors come into the reasoning why, either backlash from peers, not wanting to challenge the idea of going out the norm of art, or even plain not knowing how to even start drawing fat on a human.
I’ve always been a person who’s not satisfied with doing the same thing over and over. When it comes to concept art or story boarding, I want to stand out from the traditional designs of characters. Incorporate visual differences in each character. Seeing different people in media that people commonly encounter in real life more. That, to me, feels like where this expectation of people to look similar to fictional characters to engage with the story.

I used Procreate on the iPad. Approaching this art piece with a real life photo reference, I wanted to make her as pretty as I could but I wanted it to have its realism in tact also. I basically traced the form and customized her form hair and skin. At the end I’m glad how it turned out.

So far I’ve gotten positive responses from it! Even the model I based the art piece off of thanked me and was flattered that I drew her. As I said before, I fully expect some stragglers to either make fun of it or post it on a mean forum and berate it. That doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t bother with “that side” of the internet.

Jasmyne White

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