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Serjey Golodyaev
April 1, 2018
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The designer's task was to create a unique style, logo and packaging for a product, in this case, for juice with different flavors. To perform this task, it has developed a concept to create unique design. Based on the information and recommendation given by the client, designer has created visual solution of the logo and package for the new product. The work accomplished was the basis for further development of the unique style of refresh.

Taking into the account the high competitive market, were offered advanced and atypical visual solutions: bottle shape, colour palette, font, sign, logo. As a result, we successfully brought to life and implemented the visual part of the product. Definitely everyone liked this package because of the design

Initially, I painted everything on paper to draw the first concept and test it for a combination of colors. The first idea did not like, so I developed 2 more options for packaging. After that, I modified the logo in the "illustrator". After the logo, I made the packaging in Photoshop

Everyone definitely liked this project, since I got a lot of feedback on it. I received a bunch of awards for this project in Russia, America, Australia, etc. I was supported by a bunch of galleries, artists and studios. They were invited to speak at various events thanks to this project

Serjey Golodyaev

Open to new projects, clients and collabs.

Design is a powerful tool to start conversations and change perspectives. My main interest is in how we use it to sell ideas and distill complex concepts. In my personal work, I'm interested in how we visualise language and intangible things, and in my role as creative director I work between art direction and brand creation.

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