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Josue Ulate
February 15, 2018
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This project is about using different tips of warm texture such like wood, concrete and stone. Also, green walls to give live inside and outside of the building. For this kind of renders, I tried to make it real because I think the renders have to be more realistic every time and also what the client needs.

I tried to study the different materials and textures of nature and that's why I used warm materials that would reflect that. By using these materials the impact to the environment is reduced and thus giving life to the space or environment and at the same time giving a character of life to the building

For the beginning I used revit to make a 3D model and the arquitectonic plans after this I exported the revit file to LUMION to make the renders. After complet the renders I use photoshop to make background and diferent things

I remember the words of the client, I said that the rendering looked so real and that I love the different colors, textures, materials that give a character of life to the building and its users.
I learned that nature gives us the ways to design. We architects of this world need to design using these parameters that naturalness gives us

Josue Ulate

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