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May 3, 2019
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A Single Family Residence made for two people and occasional guests.

Located in the plains, near to Chihuahua's Sierra, the land is in a special ecosystem, so, it was vital to be able to preserve it and also have the ability to appreciate the environment in which this house would be built.

A clean and simple layout that covers all the needs of the client, having a vertical circulation at the center allows us to divide the floor in two areas; the social one, perfect to receive guests and the private one that counts with a wide main bedroom and a master bathroom that was designed to relax.

Large windows allow us to observe the landscape that changes according to the seasons and invite us to be part of it.

We intended not to generate such a large footprint in the environment, so the initial idea was to lift the main volume through piles or load-bearing walls, after several explorations we decided to elevate through a smaller volume that can also have an use.
When lifting the volume we were able to appreciate clearly the views that we have, in second place it allows us to clean the main floor and to leave services and facilities in the lower volume.

Our next challenge was to solve the structure in a clean way, so we came to the conclusion that if the main volume was balanced over the lower volume it was not necessary to use piles to support the weight.

The process begins with several approaches on paper to explore first ideas, the second step is to study how the volume behaves it can be done in model or directly in sketchup, as the volume is more defined we begin the exploration of the layout according to the architectural program and the client needs, if it necessary to make some adjustment to the volumetry is done before starting to work on the final image, using 3dsmax we explore different materials, colors and lighting, all to reach the desired result.

The views we have been able to obtain are amazing, we believe that it is very important to study how buildings react to the environment and that it is necessary to be respectful with the nature that surrounds us.

“Nature becomes landscape when man frames it”
Le Corbusier

Urban Operations

Mexican office of architecture and interior design founded in 2012 by Architect Raymond Enns and M. Architect Victor Rey, with the firm will to make good architecture, generating high impact on the user through design and spatial sensations.

In Urban Operations we focus on totally personalized projects, with aesthetic and highly efficient solutions tailored to each client . We experiment and incorporate a wide variety of materials and possible structural systems, always bearing in mind that beauty is fundamental in the architectural experience.
Each project is uniquely approached, thoroughly studied during the design process and monitored during construction to ensure that cleanliness and details are maintained at all stages.

The firm is conformed by a group of professionals, each one specialized in the different parts of the design process, always committed to creativity and to being updated in our field.
We are Chihuahuenses, northerners, honest and hardworking, influenced by the nature that surrounds us, a vast territory that encompasses deserts, plains and mountains of unparalleled beauty, which captivate everyone who approaches them. We aspire to build a real-natural experience.

We do not design buildings, we build life experiences.

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