I did this project of 3D visualization in free time for myself using a reference. This is holiday home by US studio Roger Ferris + Partners consists of a cluster of gable-roofed volumes, influenced by vernacular architecture in rural New England.
The home comprises a number of small building forms connected together and reminiscent of the traditional boatsheds.

I decided to create this project for my portfolio because it seemed to me that it can show what I can do in 3D visualization.
The classic gabled roofs of the House turn this simple design into a landmark on the coastline, as well as making it sustainable and compatible with the environment. The side walls are well insulated and roof water runoff is harvested here to be reused. The driveway is also interesting – it is made from permeable and drainable crushed shell. The landscape is planted with native vegetation.

I using 3ds Max 2016 + Corona 1.4 and Photoshop CC.
I chose Corona and not Vray because it has a softer and natural light. In Corona easier configured materials and textures and the result is more photorealistic.
I work in 3ds Max a few months. And for me it’s great result to be published on the website. That’s means that I’m moving in the right direction and doing what I love.

Well, I am so delighted with the final result of this project. This is one of the best works I’ve done to date. I feel really proud reading good comments from other professionals and colleagues. People are responding very well to this project and I received many positive feedbacks from different forums.

Darina Ivanova

My name is Darina, I work as an architect and I do 3D works.