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Residential complex

Residential complex

Yasmine Bassem Moustafa
July 8, 2021
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the project consists of two 2 parts, the lower part contains a mall and shopping center and the upper part is the residential complex. the form idea enables all floor levels to have natural ventilation as it lets the air move properly.

the main idea of the project is to provide a social life between residential members by setting up open large areas for gatherings and to keep in touch with each other such as playgrounds at the south and public seatings, also providing services for people to make it self-sufficient complex. I choose the modern style as it Is the dominant style nowadays, with simple materials and colors in line with modernity.

Autodesk Revit, Lumion8, Adobe photoshop.

I learnt from this project is feeling the needs of the person inside the space and imagine this to me, this imagination helps me to design a more comfortable space for the persons.

Yasmine Bassem Moustafa

An architect and interior designer
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