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Residential Security 2070

Residential Security 2070

Nikita Redkar
July 21, 2018
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A conceptual design for Residential Security in the year 2070. The concept is based on the predictions of technological advances to be made by 2070 and is designed specifically for the 'Ocean Scraper' 2060 underwater housing project.
It is an AI based system which functions independently in the background of the house, requiring very less input from the user.

The idea was to create a system that requires very little human intervention and, since it is AI based, will take care of all the security aspects - Prevention, Detection and Response.
Aesthetically, since the system is meant to be unobtrusive, the look and feel is very sleek and minimal, with the intent for it to almost fade into the background while still making the resident feel safe.

Tools used - Rhinoceros 5, Keyshot, Photoshop.
The idea was to take into consideration the current home security systems and adapt them to the year 2070.
The main challenge was that there was no platform on which to base the design. Since the technological advancements by 2070 are mere predictions at this point, picking those that could be used for home security was a challenge.

Hence, the project started off with choosing the tech that would make up the system first and deciding its functions, before focusing on the form and feel of it. The next step was to brainstorm the form that the system would take and map out it exact functioning.

Since this project is conceptual in nature, its purpose was mostly to understand the predictions in technology that we will face in the future and how will our design style have to adapt with the change in times.
Having no basis or constraint for the design was a unique situation which definitely is not the norm and in such a case ,it becomes hard to limit your imagination to only the features that are needed instead of trying to fit everything into one design.

Nikita Redkar

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