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Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

Tammam Dwihie
July 7, 2021

Study and design of an interior restaurant in the city of Erbil, Iraq. The modern style was used in designs and ideas, focusing on the atmosphere and quiet lighting to give a comfortable atmosphere to customers

Through my experiences in the world of architectural design, I have extensive experience in choosing colors by instinct

At first, I put my ideas through a sketch, and then I use AutoCAD to adjust the scale and show my ideas through the 3ds max.

Many friends liked this design and praised it through social media platforms and in reality as well

I promise you more development and new ideas

Tammam Dwihie

Syrian architect, graduate of Damascus University
A fan of architectural design and interior and exterior spaces
He is interested in studying the classical, modern and postmodern style in architecture
I have magic touches in my designs

2 comments on “Restaurant Design”

  1. Wow, this is such a beautiful design. I love the wood walls that complement the black paint. Very luxurious and exquisite!

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