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Conceptual Restyling  - Cuadernos Loro

Conceptual Restyling - Cuadernos Loro

Maricarmen maldonado rodriguez
November 18, 2018

Hi guy!! I´m from Lima – Peru and this project was made with so much love. I hope you like it and it will inspire you.

Cuadernos Loro developed a strategic plan for 2019 where they asked us to relaunch the brand and develop the new Loro identity. Also, the improvement of the quality of finishing and graphic content of its notebooks, reinventing the Premium segment and reaching the goal of an increase of the 19 and 20 campaign. Thus began the challenge of redesigning the logo of one of the most important brands of notebooks from the country.

Well, the first thing I thought when I had the challenge to redesign Loro was to look for the most opposite references to the most obvious, my references range from photographs of landscapes, the street, and even movies, I usually look for many landmarks in other countries
Personally, I like minimalism, high contrast and the combination of colors, so for Loro it definitely had to be a minimalist and different proposal. I have always believed that tests play a very important role, but I also believe in the participation of the client (with a good direction, of course), achieving more prolix and successful results.
Loro was a challenge, it was worked from the first day with the participation of the client and thanks to the recommendation to show them the advances in the presentations, that helped to have a more positioned and manageable response. We will achieve a good result and improve the perspective of people towards the brand. Remember that it is not always about designing a nice logo, it is about re-establishing a brand, reinforcing it and directing it, that is where it makes the difference with the others, a difference felt by both side the client and the team responsible for the project.

Well to develop the project I used my notebook, it is essential to hand-draw, either in the car or in the break, of course, that I previously printed an A3 with my references and some typographies to support me at the time of sketching. Once I have my options I pass them to the illustrator, I begin to polish and diagram the proposals, trying colors, sizes, layout and assemblies to have a better idea of how my logo lives. Then I do an internal test to continue polishing, I collect feedback from the client and the team to consider which path is the best, once this is done I prepare the presentation for each option, usually we do 2 to 3 presentations, where we explain the finding, the concept, and proposal.

We are very happy with the project, we learned that the client can contribute a lot to the work when it is guided. My taste to understand and discover more about branding and performance helps me to propose improvements in work, my requirement leads me to take into account not only the graphics success, but also the statistical result.

We need to understand that nowadays branding does not stand alone, it increases its results with performance, adding a more global vision under the concept of Brandformance will make us achieve greater success. We aim to conduct 360 campaigns when we work on a brand project, from the creation of the concept to the realization of a digital post or a piece of merch, if we can reflect what the brand really aims for, we will survive what people are looking for.
Go for it and risk a lot! ?

maricarmen maldonado rodriguez

I am Mari, graphic designer, focused on art direction and passionate about the branding, I like to draw and photograph. I've been in the advertising world for more than 4 years.

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