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Retro Cafe

Retro Cafe

Kevon Brown
August 12, 2019
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The Retro Cafe center table is the first amongst our Cafe series of accent furniture which emphasizes its form, design, and usability. It comes with a full circular glass top surface with a glass bottom. An optional wooden storage cover or glass storage cover is available with motion sensor lighting inside the unit that adds that extra needed illumination to find your things, but also adds a nice touch to the aesthetics of your home, especially at night.

The center table is largely made out of oakwood, with a clear tempered glass top. The style represents that of a trident with its three-pronged design with the triangular storage cover cutout continuing the design language. It represents a sort of deviation from typical forms of center table designs, while at the same time giving the 'nod' of familiarity for what persons know and recognize as a center table already.

The software used was Cinema 4D and Autodesk Inventor, with Photoshop for cleaning up the image. The design started off through a series of sketches that took inspiration from a triangular form, while still aiming to achieve a design that is familiar to the masses. The CAD design started through Autodesk Inventor then shipped to Cinema 4D for rendering.

Persons really like this design because of said familiarity with what they already know, but are drawn mostly by its deviation of shape into something that looks unique and interesting. I learned how to play with forms and try to play around with experimental design without missing the mark for who this product is for. In short, it is finding a balance between our creativity and feasibility.

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Kevon Brown

I'm an Industrial Designer living in Jamaica. I currently have a design studio with my partner called SquareInch. I believe each area of design has helped to make me a more rounded person in the field, being able to adapt to different contexts, backgrounds, and environments. This, in turn, makes my style very diverse and unique which is what draws people to me and my work many times. I absolutely love what I do, and my diverse skill set helps me to stay motivated and constantly challenged.

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