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Retroactive Chair Exercise

Retroactive Chair Exercise

Christopher lee
April 4, 2018
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This was a quick creative challenge designed to force you to create something drastic and new. I had one hour to make quick preliminary sketches, model up in solidworks and choose a colour scheme before the rendering process.The design elements I had to work with was "wire frame" and "seating".

Being under a time restrain is sometimes the best possible thing for a design process, the pressure really forces you to think outside the box and cut through most of the flowery nonsense. you give yourself maybe 15 minutes out of that hour to draw the challenge you set out for, so in this case a chair, then you find the basic rudimentary shapes that you see are being made and just run with that. forget the decals and the little details at this point, just pick up that skeleton and run with it. I had basic design elements that were guiding me, for example I knew it would be a wire frame, however, the colours really only came about after I had laid down the geometrical seating panels.

I used solidworks and solidworks 360 to create these images. You start with a skeleton, lay down your sketches, ORGANIZE your parts and planes and remember that solidworks has that amazing roll back feature, so for trial and error learners, the neater you make your smart dimensions and relationships, the easier it is to go back through your project and experiment.

The general feedback is that it would make a nice lobby or outdoor seating. The colours and style reminded them of something retro but brought into a modern context. I found that by repeatedly doing these time restricted challenges, I have gotten much faster at rapid modeling and prototyping, being able to visualize a clients or your own ideas as soon as possible is always an advantage in the design world. i would recommend all designers to constantly set challenges for themselves to stay on their toes and sharpen their abilities.

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christopher lee

4 years studying sociology and 2 years of industrial design, you could say I am a scholar studying the everyday life experience. I am the head designer of Fiefdom Designs, and I hope to one day design things you will interact with on a daily basis.

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