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Rey Cacao Ice Cream

Rey Cacao Ice Cream

Tatiana Rojas
September 15, 2016
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Rey Cacao its a really cool and pet friendly Ice Cream Store, their yogurt based creations come with different tropical fruits toppings. We were asked to develop the logo and brand image, and they had to be eye-catching, full of joy and decorated with tropical elements inspired by their ice cream flavours.

The idea of the project was to create a funny and unexpected design, thats why we created crazy characters such as: a hawaiian astronaut giraffe, one cannibal pineapple, a office dog aviator or a flying skying pig, among other. Beside, we decided to combine electric and happy colours giving the feeling of a tropical mood.

We started brainstorming the different concept approaches, then we sketched them. Once we had the sketches we felt were cool enough to give life to the brand, then we began colouring each piece. During all the process we worked hand in hand with the client, who gave us total freedom to have fun and be creative.

It has been amazing the response of the people, they loved it and gave us very positive feedback. We learned a lot during the process and still continue to work for the brand. Hoping we can keep improving and create cool stuff.

A good design and a brilliant business idea are the perfect combination.

Rey Cacao is a Costarican pet friendly ice-cream shop that take advantage of the country geographical viertues to create fresh and natural flavors.
You can't imagine the quantity of different and tasty fruits in this small country.
To design the branding we took that competitive advantage as our spearhead, mixing the colorful energy of the tropical fruits with the icecream funny world.

Tatiana Rojas y Roberto Leitón

Graphic Designers and Illustrators based in San José, Costa Rica.

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