RIVERBANK by Cristina Ortiz

RIVERBANK art set was influenced by a British Photographer, Henry Peach Robinson. He was one of the advocates for the immersion of photography in the art world. His works discussed the techniques of Chiaroscuro in Photography as well as pictorial compositions in landscape. Our featured artist is greatly influenced with his work. Read on and check out these amazing shots.

The pictorial photography was born of the revelation of a British photographer named Henry Peach Robinson. He was born in 1830, among other things, he was devoted to paint and photography. Influenced by the romanticism, he was one of the advocates for the immersion of photography in the art world. His treatise on Photo “Pictorial Effect in Photography” is considered one of the foundations of photographic aesthetics as pictorial art.

– Cristina Ortiz


In the treatise he discusses the technique of chiaroscuro in photography as well as the achievement of pictorial compositions in landscape, portrait, etc.

I want to show part of text in the introduction to his work:
“It is often said that the artist, like the poet, born and not created, within certain limits, the statement is certainly true: without a natural ability to pictorial perception, no study can produce an artist. …”Patience and sandpaper, says Ruskin, will not make a statue.” But no matter how great natural ability, genius, excellence and success without the knowledge of the rules, and a study of the principles on which depends the pictorial effect.

– Cristina Ortiz


There is no more fatal error effortless considered a genius, the “innate taste” rather than culture. …..the construction of an image: in fact, I propose to deal with the body, or perhaps the skeleton, and not the soul; with tangible, not intangible; …… The photographers have ample room for artistic effect … and the possibility of change…. For many photographers obtaining sharp images and detail is perfection, without interest in the representation of nature in the eyes of someone who has studied with reverence … ”

– Cristina Ortiz


This treatise is really interesting for those who are interested in this topic. And it inspires me to start with it.
The pictorial view of the landscape is one of the topics that have always interested me, especially the influence of Flemish painters or romantic ones such as Turner. In the series MY FOREST you can see the continuation of my pictorial photography work, started in 2013 with the series VANITAS.

– Cristina Ortiz


RIVERBANK is my actual contribution to this style of photography about landscapes, and especially with those around rivers.
– Cristina Ortiz


I usually work mixing analogical and digital photography. To edit them I use Photoshop software. Also I work using alternative techniques as cyanotype and gum dichromate from early XIX century.
– Cristina Ortiz



Cristina Ortiz was born in Barcelona, 1961 (Spain). A Biologist and photographer specializing in using old photographic techniques as Cyanotype and dichromated gum. Since 1992 she is doing courses of techniques and creative photographic development in her workshop-studio MateriaGris. Since the early 1990s, her work has been part of numerous individual and group exhibitions.

See more of her artworks on Behance and her website.