Robbi Café Italiano

Italian cafe “Robbie” – a new release from the Russian design studio ALLARTSDESIGN (Artemy Saranin), for the restaurant holding Milimon Family.

The cafe is located in the Middle Volga region of Russia, in the city of Samara in the historical center. Located on the 1st floor and consists of two rooms, a main and a wine room.
The interior was created by original decor elements – the “views” of youth Italy, from different eras. The main focus is an unusual pizza oven – in the form of the head of Hercules. In which Roman pizza is cooked, right in the mouth. The head is so big that it rests on the ceiling, how did you put it, ask?

On the ceiling there is a readable chandelier in the form of letters Gioventù, which translates from Italian as YOUTH, and opposite each letter there are ambiguous images of guests that are revealed in the Italian cafe Robbi.
We were inspired by the facades of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa, and transferred a piece of marble and graphite to the cafe floor, as a result, the interior is read right away. A large wine cabinet, with literature, as part of the public library, in the building of which is the Robbie cafe.

When choosing books for the project, in a second-hand book dealer, I accidentally ran into the same visitor, he was a foreigner and lived for several years in Russia, that day he brought all his foreign books for sale, with surprise, I immediately bought everything. It was a coincidence! Unusual to our reader, Western literature, covers, and format added an accent to Western culture.

The contact bar, with a visually crowded atmosphere of decor, offers a tasting of designer cocktails. LED dance floor, large screen, stage, DJ sets, light and sound preparation – as a reflection of the fashionable and young Milan with gastronomic finds from the Moscow chef, oyster evenings, this you will not find in any other institution in Samara.

Menu – favorite Italian dishes in a modern author’s interpretation, imperial Hassan oysters and scallops, Roman pizza – with a crispy crust and ten options for toppings, bruschettas, finger foods, harmoniously combined with various types of alcoholic drinks: sparkling wines, “still” wines, with beer, strong alcohol. Dinner can consist of a large number of snacks of various types and, for example, good wine, without which Italians can not imagine a meal. It is this concept, unique to Samara, that allowed the brand to the chef and sommelier to realize creative talents and knowledge in joint work on the project.
This project has turned the idea of modern and interesting Italy.

Saranin Artemy

Interior design philosophy ALLARTSDESIGN it based on the principles of efficient and creating an atmosphere of different public spaces.

We justify our solution, each, and at all stages of the design functionality and environmental friendliness is second only to the aesthetics and comfort.

Our personality – author eclecticism and industrial combining monumental classicism luxury and impeccable hendmeyd style with a modern twist.

Accumulated decades of professionalism, experience and refined taste allows us to design the space of any complexity, and the interaction with European partners ensures a reasonable approach to design.

The final stage of realization of individual concepts with the original elements of the interior underline the importance and the success of your business!