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The Rock Burger's

The Rock Burger's

Maycon Prasniewski
January 19, 2017

More than just a musical taste, the Rock and Roll movement for fans is a way of life, of dressing, reading, listening and thinking. With this spirit coupled with the trends of contemporary design comes the personality of The Rock Burger's through a revisited vision of Rock and Roll.

The Rock Buerger's will operate in the food market of artisan hamburgers in Porto Alegre and metropolitan region through food-truck. Aiming in the foreground to fix the brand in a mobile way and after the 5 year term expand the brand to other marketing formats.

One of the elements that strongly mark the aesthetics of Rock and Roll is the typography of logos. Every style and every decade has its own particularities. Joining these strands in a harmonic lettering and with a lot of Rock in the DNA was the challenge.

These little creatures came from the fusion of the contours of the hamburger with the skull, the biggest symbol of rock since the 60's. The result is this nice face but does not lose the face of tough. Each Rock Burger honors their greatest idol. Are you as a fan as they are and can you recognize them all?

The design is done in many drafts until you find the ideal idea, then a few more drafts are done aiming at this moment the aesthetics of the defined concept, after the finalization is done in Illustrator in this step being careful with the final details and also formats the brand applications And the mascots.

The local public received very well the projetc, the real fans of Rock music love so much the mascot, and the general public that does not have much knowledge about the theme Rock arouses the curiosity to discover which musician each mascot is representing.

Maycon Prasniewski

Maycon Prasniewski discovered the world of design and got his first job when he was 14-years-old in 2003, his job before was to carry many papers for the client’s approval. Now, more than 10 years after, he has a degree in advertising, but, his work focus is in graphic design, branding and illustration. He currently works as a freelancer.

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