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Rock Salt & Sea Salt

Rock Salt & Sea Salt

Iris Mueller
September 10, 2017

This is a private work showing a fictive packaging design for pure and untreated salt varieties. For conscious food-lovers who want to taste the difference, pursuing a natural way of life.

Rocksalt ‒ the white gold from the Alps is being won traditionally from the heart of the mountains since centuries. It was formed from the ancient sea and imprisoned deep in the rocks, where it has always been protected from any environmental influences. An absolutely original and natural taste…

Seasalt ‒ is extracted from the ocean by small family-owned salines, that demonstrate an untreated salt production. Won from the deep blue and dried by the warm ocean breeze, it guarantees absolutely no additives.

Salt is the most important ingredient in most of our dishes. The fact that there are two very traditional ways of gaining it - from the deep blue ocean and the heart of the mountains - inspired me to create a product design for them.

The tools I used are Adobe Photoshop, some paper and my pens, since I always like to come back to the classy basics. After creating a little moodboard from the ideas I had, I started sketching waves and mountains, the essentials of salt. What followed was a free design work, creating two salt containers with a biological background. I added some images, I once took, to give the project some personal character.

I feel very honored getting a positive feedback not only from my family and friends but also from people out there around the world. When I started this project I would never have guessed it would become on of my best works. Designs you create need to come from a very personal inspired place. Thank you!

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Iris Eichinger

I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Munich, Germany. My work is intensely inspired by nature, Guatemala and the lake Chiemsee. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to check out my website!

2 comments on “Rock Salt & Sea Salt”

  1. Hola Iris, die Label gefallen mir sehr gut, erinnern mich an Farbholzschnitte von Hokusai, dessen Arbeiten mir auch immer schon sehr gefallen haben.

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