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Roff-"Wow! Going to travel abroad" exhibition works -19

LIN Mo-Fan
July 10, 2021

In order to save travel accommodation costs, Grandpa Bear arranged for everyone to live in a room on the top floor, but what Grandpa Bear didn’t understand was: "As long as you spend the least money, you can enjoy the best scenery. I really don’t understand what these urbanites are thinking?” Grandpa Bear and Owl Boss were enjoying the scenery while drinking coffee, so the life of bear was satisfied.

In the past, the top floor of a Parisian house was a maid’s room, and there was no elevator accessible. Although I had not lived in Paris when I went to Paris, living on the top floor should have a good view, and usually the cost is not more expensive than downstairs. For short-term accommodation such as travel, I think it is a good choice.
I feel that at dusk, drinking coffee while watching the scenery on the top floor should be quite enjoyable. It would be even better if there is a cool breeze, so I chose this perspective.
The roof is dark blue, and it is actually a bit difficult to adjust to the desired effect in the dusk light, so I fumbled for a while. The other is the color of normal dusk, and I want to express the strong sense of light at dusk.
Since I am also a graphic designer, I am very concerned about the fact that the work can be used for printing afterwards. If the finished draft is hand-painted, the back-end processed into a printed file will be distorted, and it is not convenient for subsequent revision and editing. , So I personally cannot accept it. Therefore, in addition to the sketches, the finished drafts are drawn on the computer.Thank a lot for the current technological progress.

Before creating this series, I tried several styles. Originally, I used photoshop to draw pictures, but because I wanted the pictures to have a hand-painted texture, I finally decided to use Fresco to draw, because the feeling of hand-painting is the most warm of.
At the beginning, I will draw the composition on the notebook, and then draw the sketch after the composition is confirmed. After the sketch is completed, I will take a photo, and then importing the photo to the computer. Then it will enter the computer for color planning, coloring, and finalization. If there are any thing need to adjust, I will use Photoshop to do the last step.

I don’t know if it’s because Paris at dusk is too attractive. I have two Paris at dusk works selected as the Fresco Feature in this series. I feel very honored.

This series of works will be exhibited in Taiwan, the exhibition name:'' Wow! Going to travel abroad''
Welcome everyone to visit Taiwan from July to August next year if you are traveling to Taiwan!
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LIN Mo-Fan

My name is Mofan. I’m from Taiwan. I’m engaged in design work. And I want to find illustration cases. I always draw illustrations by computer. Since Taiwan is easy to exposure to different cultures of various countries, painting style of mine is influenced by both Oriental and Occidental countries. It is difficult to have a repetitive style no matter where I am. Besides, I like printing very much, and I often print promotional materials by myself, so I am very good at express my works in printing. If there are any needs, please feel free to contact me. wish new projects and cooperation.

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