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Role Branding by Pedro Panetto

Role Branding by Pedro Panetto

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November 21, 2015
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This "Role" project by designer Pedro Panetto is a trademark for a focused advertising agency in video production. This mark is a movement. "Role" in Portuguese, comes from the verb "roll". It represents energy and movement. Now, let's what Pedro have in store for us.

Pedro Panetto

Pedro Panetto

Pedro Panetto

I try not to have a style that would limit me. I believe that the design serve to solve problems, and every problem has a different questions or purpose and it must be answered with a style and unique or various approach. What inspires me and delights in design is your design methodology and its way of solving things. You get to come up with something that would resolve people's problem.
-Pedro Panetto



Never be satisfied with your work, always strive to keep going and go to the next level. And also love the process of creating more than the end result.
-Pedro Panetto


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About Pedro Panetto

Pedro Panetto graduated with a degree in Product Design from the University Vila Velha - UVV in 2012, since then he has been working independently with graphic design and products. He is a lecturer and an author of a channel titled with the name on Youtube about design, focusing on awareness, advice on the profession, and design concepts. Pedro is currently based in Vitoria, ES, Brasil. See more of his works on Behance or his facebook page.

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