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Rollin Campers

Rollin Campers

Dimitris Bouskos
October 11, 2017
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Rollin campers is a web-design project revolving around the branding of a Glampervan company based in Croatia. In this project, I have created the visual id of the brand, logo, basic stationery and did the web design of the company's site. In my presentation, I have included some interior pages, the landing page as well as some extras. I wanted the visual style of the site to inspire adventure mixed with a vintage tone and give emphasis to great photography in my layout.
Function wise the main actions a user can do inside the site is plan and customize his journey, plan his activities along the path he will choose, explore the various vehicles presented in detail, learn about the activities and shop if he wants through a network of partners any equipment relevant to the activities he will choose.

I was asked to provide a visual ID for both the Brand & the site and so i began my research looking to merge a retrish and familiar feeling with a more
adventurous & wild aesthetic. The whole attitude of the site is inspired by the final design of the logotype, a monoline text logo which i think matches the visual direction i wanted to go. Photography and slightly of the grid layout was used but carefully placed in order to ensure balance and functionality
within the various pages.

The tools used for this project were Adobe Photoshop for the prototyping and further developing the website, Adobe illustrator for creating the logo and some secondary elements used inside the site such as icons and finally Animations were crafted inside After Effects for presentational purposes.

This project was a very nice experience in which i enjoyed the whole process, from creating this kind of logo which is kinda new to me, exercising my handlettering skils, designing a functional website with some specific guidelines in mind carefully crafting it piece by piece and finally creating a presentation that matches the brand.

Dimitris Bouskos

Dimitris is an Athens Based Designer & illustrator, focusing on Branding UI UX & illustration.
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