Rosa Clara

Rosa Clara – the store of wedding and evening fashion. The goal of the project was to create a more convenient version of the website. Girls and womens should not feel discomfort during selection of dresses, and when searching for it. The main criteria for the design were simplicity, convenience and maintenance of the company brand.

The basic idea was simplicity and convenience. The site should show its elegant nature, as well as wedding and evening dresses. The choice of colors is assumed thin, the pastel colors, which very well reflects the beauty of wedding and evening fashion.

During creating the site was used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator was used for rendering complex images, and some elements of the site. Photoshop was used as a consolidation of all results and the main concept of the future product.

In fact, this project is of interest to people who are not indifferent to fashion. Moreover, not only in wedding fashion. We can say that the project will only be interesting to the weaker sex. It was nice to realize that the assessment of works comes from interested people.


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