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Royal House. CRM

Royal House. CRM

Vitaliy Hnatiuk
October 2, 2017
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«Royal House» has performed the construction of qualified and comfortable housing since 2004. With successful experience, they proved that the high-end housing could be available for the majority of Ukrainian.
We created CRM, where every customer can be sure that his house is building.

The idea is to create a CRM where customers of new buildings can look at photos of how their house is being built, how much time is left before the completion of the construction. Create document page, license page, profile, also for managers of the company «Royal House» has created an admin area.

In this work I used:
Paper and pen.
Photoshop - layouts
Illustrator - draw icons

First I went to clients of «Royal House», observe them, conducted interviews, tested CRM with them.
Then I started drawing the visual part of the CRM in Photoshop, draw icons in Illustrator.

Client loved the work I did.
I had good responses on Behance.

From this project I can make conclusions that at the stage of the observe you need to monitor the users, in interview need conduct a friendly conversation.

Got a project to design?
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Vitaliy Hnatiuk

UI & UX designer from Kiev, Ukraine.
I'm focused on websites and mobile applications.

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