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Rules of Success by Gosha Bondarev

Rules of Success by Gosha Bondarev

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October 9, 2015
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Do you have any Rules to Success? Artist, Gosha Bondarev after a lot of challenges and experiences in life has formulated his own rules to success. His project 'Rules of Success', is a series of 'rules' that he has applied in his life. Now, he wants to share it with you.

Gosha Bondarev

Gosha Bondarev

To this point in my life I have some kind of rules of success which help me to make right decisions and lead me all the time, so I decided to share those rules with everyone to help them in their paths. My way of speaking is lettering works, because at first they attract people because of how my works looks, they are pretty but after that people can see the deeper meaning in them. So I use it like a platform to send my message.
-Gosha Bondarev

Gosha Bondarev

Gosha Bondarev

I've always liked animals so I decided to use them in this project, I chose animals which associate with the words that I'd decided to put into them and then started sketching. After spending about a week doing that I used watercolor to finish them. It took a while but I am so happy with the final results.
-Gosha Bondarev



I get a lot of messages from people around the world saying thanks for being a source of inspirations, some of them see my works just at the right point of their lives and that's really inspiring for me. So understanding that I can help people to believe in themselves is the best source of inspiration for me.
-Gosha Bondarev




I can't come up with the name of my style actually. I know that it's hand-lettering and calligraphy. I am in love with the works of Sasha Unisex and Lora Zombie, I am so happy that both of them are my great friends.
-Gosha Bondarev





The very best advise that works for everyone is to draw a ton, don't focus too much that your works aren't good enough just work like hell and at some point you will be surprised how far you came.
-Gosha Bondarev






About Gosha Bondarev

Gosha Bondarev is a hand-lettering and calligraphy artist. He currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Gosha never had an art degree or a design one, the truth was he spent the first part of his life studying physics, but at some point he realized that the thing he's really passionate about was drawing letters, so he jumped into this field and it was one of the best decisions in his life although it was very scary at first since he haven't been drawing his whole life, unlike many other artists. Gosha thinks his background in science is one of the reasons why his works are unique, so he never regretted those years with math equations and physical laws, because those years taught him a lot. See more of his works on Behance or Instagram.

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