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Rafael Oliveira
June 4, 2018
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This project is a sample of my images about fashion shows, more specifically the runways (or catwalks). There a lot of pressure during a fashion show, for everybody involved including the photographers. We must be precise with the clicks to be sure we will get the perfect moment, in the perfect spot, with perfect light and unique look.

I'm a portrait, commercial and fashion photographer and my work on fashion realm is strongly influenced by names like Annie Leibovitz and Russel James. In fact, Russel James 's style and his work with the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show has been a major source of inspiration for my shots in the fashion show.

Usually in runways, I photograph with Nikon D750, a 70-200 mm 2.8. The ISO will depend on the light conditions - I always try to have a chat with the light technicians to figure out what the light conditions would be. Then, in postproduction, I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

I believe that people respond quite well. Usually the aftermatch is a few 'thank you' and 'that was amazing!' in social media. I think that in every runway photoshoot I learn something that I could do it better, so I absorb that I will try to do it on my next job.

If you are in Brisbane, Australia, please take the ferry and enjoy the river that cross the city. It is pretty cool.

Rafael Oliveira

My name is Rafael, but everybody calls me Rafa. I’m a photographer and videographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

I have been working as a fashion and portrait photographer for the last couple of years. My most recent position as a studio photographer was at GAP Studios in Brisbane. My role included: engaging with clients by phone prior to their photo session; planning the session for them; discuss with them the creative direction and capturing a great pool of images during the photoshoot. Always with a high-quality customer service. Before GAP Studios, I worked for Ranald Simmonds Studio as a photographer and retoucher, spending important hours editing the final images in Photoshop.

As a self-employed photographer at my own sole trade company, Rafa Photography, I have the opportunity to work in collaboration with Lualena Films, John Pryke Photography, Brisbane Fashion Month, Brisbane Fashion Weekend, Undress Runways, Laná, and Shutterstock to point a few. With all these partners I had to manage tasks that were crucial to the outcome, ensuring that my clients would get what they were expecting.

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